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From April 2022, Fuerza Online English School has operated from Chiba, Japan, primarily catering to Japanese students. Our main goal has been to provide valuable language education.


Behind this goal lies our belief that the English language has become deeply entrenched worldwide, and the concept of "Native English" is outdated and even racially sensitive. We place greater importance on the language proficiency of our faculty members rather than their place of birth or upbringing.


As we expand our services to students globally, we approach online teaching with the same dedication. We recognize that English serves as a means of international communication. However, our aim extends beyond that; we strive to foster cultural adaptability and understanding among the current and future generations.

Our Core Values

What we want to embody in our teaching


Diversity and Inclusion


Cultural Sensitivity


Collaborative Learning


Excellence in Teaching


Global Citizenship

We believe that a multicultural faculty enriches the learning experience and provides students with a broader perspective on language and culture.

We encourage students to explore and engage with diverse cultural perspectives, promoting respect, empathy, and cross-cultural understanding.

We encourage students to actively participate, engage in peer-to-peer learning, and benefit from the collective wisdom of a multicultural community of learners.

We strive to create engaging and effective learning experiences that empower students to achieve their language goals.

We nurture a sense of global citizenship among our students, empowering them to become responsible, informed, and engaged global citizens.

We believe that language learning goes beyond grammar and vocabulary; it is an opportunity to embrace diversity and challenge stereotypes.


By fostering a learning environment that celebrates different cultures, perspectives, and experiences, we aim to promote inclusivity, empathy, and a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of our global community.

At our institution, we firmly believe that by combining language learning with a focus on diversity and cultural understanding, we can contribute to creating a more inclusive and accepting society.

Together, we can break down barriers, challenge biases, and inspire individuals to become global citizens who embrace diversity and work towards a harmonious future.

Our Staff

We recognize the importance of fostering an understanding and appreciation for diverse cultures, perspectives, and experiences among our students.

Our multi-cultural faculty, consisting of educators from various backgrounds, brings a wealth of knowledge and perspectives to the classroom.

Through their unique experiences, they provide students with a broader understanding of the world and encourage them to appreciate and respect different cultures.


We strive to create a safe and supportive space where individuals can freely express themselves, engage in meaningful discussions, and learn from one another.

Hiring Flow

1. Sending of Requirements

2. Response (This may take 1 week.)

3. Online Interview & Hiring

4. Orientation & Training (2-3 online sessions)

5. Start as a Online Faculty


1. Resume with Photo

2. Letter of Introduction, detailing which age group you are interested in or have an experience in teaching.

3. A 2-Minute Video Self Introduction in mp4 format, viewable privately through your platform of choice.


After the primary screening,

4. A 5-minute Sample Lesson, the topic and flow of which will be provided.

After the orientation 

5. Signed documentation

Send Applications to:

Email Title:
Online Teacher Application (YOUR FULL NAME)

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